Tournament History


In 2023 we welcomed again on the first day of the holidays youth teams from all over the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. A total of 74 teams competed in six categories for medals in the jubilee fifth edition of the OAC Youth Tournament.

The main tournament was held for the eighth time in the traditional July date, and we welcomed not only Czech, Slovak and Polish players but also floorball players from Germany. In total, over 1300 participants fought for three sets of medals in the men's, women's and veteran categories.

The organizers prepared three days of entertainment for all participants, which was also provided by the award-winning band Vypsaná fixa or the traditional Pohodex team. Even the showers and bad weather were handled by the organizers much better. Following the example of the Wimbledon tennis matches, several times the court was seen to be covered with a tarpaulin against the rain. There were more showers in the eighth edition of the tournament, but the tournament was still played in full.

As far as the results are concerned, in the most experienced category, after several years of struggle, the players from the Speedy Hlisty team finally walked away with the gold medals. The women were dominated by the TATRATEAm team, which was not matched by the Give yourself twenty team, which unfortunately lost its second final in a row. The best men's team EightJaggers, who deservedly took the title of the winner of the Open Air Cup Dobruška 2023 in the men's category, topped the great balance of twelve tournament wins.

# Men Women Veterans
2. A vítězem se stává… Dej si dvacet Zahrádkáři Kersku
3. Fbc Příšerný Co chceš víc? Expendables


The 7th edition of the tournament in 2022 was full of expectations after a two-year hiatus.

The background of the tournament was mainly affected by the changes. Better service in the tent city, new goal posts on the pitches, new stands on the main pitch or improved facilities in the main tournament area. The main tournament itself was preceded by a youth tournament, which Dobruška hosted for the fourth time. Over 55 teams from all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia presented themselves in five categories. In the main tournament we welcomed a total of 173 teams in three categories.

The weather had a significant impact on the tournament for the first time. A five-hour rain made it impossible to continue the matches on the second day. The participants found refuge under the big tent and the organizers thought about what to do next with the tournament. After the end of the „shower“, with the great effort of all the organizers and other friends, they managed to dry the playing surfaces and the tournament could continue and finish successfully, despite its smaller shortening.

The men's category once again recognized a new winner. In women's and veterans, both teams managed to defend their victory from last year.

# Men Women Veterans
1. Seš-lost Lassie's snout Ubals originál
2. Warriors Nový Jičín Dej si dvacet SPEEDY HLISTY
3. Jedi Knights Přijdu dýl Expendables


Open Air Cup 2021 could not take place due to anti-epidemic measures.


Open Air Cup 2020 could not take place due to anti-epidemic measures.


Due to the great interest, the main tournament for men, women and veterans was spread over three competition days. Again, it was played on eight plastic courts. The organizers placed the seventh and eighth fields inside the athletics oval.

The youth tournament grew dramatically, 94 teams entered in seven categories.

The men's, women's and veterans' main tournament again brought several novelties. One of them was a fundamental change in the game system. Compared to the past, not all teams advanced to the elimination fights, but only the best ones (men – 4, women and veterans – 6).

For the first time, scorers from tables with timers entered results and goal scorers electronically online into tablets.

# Men Women Veterans
1. Jackpot B Lassie's snout Ubal Hvězdu
2. IBK NEPIJEM Jolandy Bž Show must go on
3. Hmoždinky ve zdi Kinder SPEEDY HLISTY


The jubilee fifth year of the tournament marked the biggest achievement of the Dobruš organizers so far. A total of 225 teams in all categories met in Dobruška at the beginning of the summer!

The youth tournament featured 55 teams in five categories who competed in a one-day tournament. A record 128 men's teams, 32 women's and 8 veteran teams took part in the main tournament.

# Men Women Veterans
1. Fk Slatina CAPTAIN BOŽKOV CREW Meteor
2. (J)elita ze střídačky Galantní jelínci SPEEDY HLISTY
3. FBC Dušan Goga DžúPínat SHOW MUST GO ON


This year, a youth tournament took place for the first time, for which 26 teams registered.
Unfortunately, bad weather forced the players and organizers to the nearby Opočn, under the roof of the winter stadium.

80 men's teams, 27 women's teams and, newly, 4 veteran teams have signed up for the main adult tournament. So the tournament grew again.

# Men Women Veterans
1. Špindl Ubals Lassie's snout SHOW MUST GO ON
3. Nimble Old man Dej si dvacet FbÚ Renegades


The third year of the tournament overwrote additional data. 96 men's teams and 20 women's teams participated in the tournament.
The organizers prepared two more pitches than last year, which were placed under the roof of the „hangar“ in the area of the Municipal Sports Stadium in Dobruška. This solution ended up saving the tournament, as the biggest drawback of outdoor events – the weather – manifested itself for the first time. A brief shower before the final games of the tournament made the rinks and playing surfaces dangerous and sent those final games to the aforementioned hangar where the tournament took place and fans saw more new tournament winners.

# Men Women Veterans
1. IBK Nepijem Slepičí Gang -
2. (J)elita ze střídačky Sufuský koráci -
3. Hmoždinky ve zdi Pesegere team -


For the second year, significantly more teams came to Dobruška at the beginning of the summer. The publicity provided by the successful first year meant that 80 men's teams competed in the second year of the Dobruš open-air tournament and the women's tournament premiered, in which 8 teams from all over the Czech Republic and, for the first time, from Slovakia, participated.

# Men Women Veterans
1. (J)elita ze střídačky Lassie's snout -
2. Warberg IC Jolandy -
3. Kyjov ANTI-konce-PCE -


In 2014, the first tournament in three-way floorball took place in Dobruška. We had the opportunity to organize the tournament in the premises of the Václav Šperla Municipal Stadium in Dobruška, where a field with an artificial surface was newly built. For the first year, we were surprised by the interest of all teams, which numbered 44 participants a month before the start of the tournament! However, the organizers were not intimidated by this and tried to create ideal conditions for the tournament.

# Men Women Veterans
1. Cirkus Bude - -
2. Warberg IC - -
3. ZaStykVše - -

Open Air Cup Dobruška

The Open Air Cup Dobruška tournament was created in 2014. The original plan was to prepare a tournament for friends and acquaintances from the floorball environment and welcome them to Dobruška, where a new outdoor multi-purpose field was built. Already in the first year, the tournament saw huge interest from teams from all over the Czech Republic, and every year the number of teams, participants and categories in the tournament increases.

Currently, the tournament ranks among the largest summer tournaments in the entire country. Over 270 teams in ten categories come to Dobruška to have fun, meet friends and enjoy floorball under the open sky.