Propositions – Dates, Categories, System

Propositions 2024

This information relates only to 06/29/2024 | U9, U11, B13, G13, B15, G15, if you are looking for information on the main tournament, continue here.

Important dates - Youth Open Air Cup Dobruška

Fri Friday 03/01
20:00 - Start of the Registration
Mon Monday 06/10
Tournament draw and schedule
Thu Thursday 06/27
Deadline for filling out rosters for Youth Open Air Cup Dobruška 2024
Sat Saturday 06/29
Youth Open Air Cup Dobruška 2024 – categories U9, U11, B13, G13, B15, G15
Start at 9:30 a.m. at the earliest.


U9 Boys and girls born 2015 and younger
U11 Boys and girls born 2013 and younger
B13 Boys born 2011 and younger – Girls in the same age range can also join
G13 Girls born 2011 and younger
B15 Boys born 2009 and younger – Girls in the same age range can also join
G15 Girls born 2009 and younger

At the Dobruška Open Air Cup youth tournament (29th of July 2024), a player can play only for one team! A player can play for several teams only if they are teams from the same club in different categories – if they meet the age requirement and AT THE SAME TIME has to BE ENTERED ON THE ROSTERS OF EACH TEAM FOR WHICH THEY PLAY.

Tournament system

Youth Open Air Cup Dobruška 2024

The teams will be divided into groups of 4–8 teams. The key to advancing from the group in each category will be published together with the tournament schedule based on the number of registered teams.

Medals and cups are prepared for the first three teams in each category.

The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule of the tournament. In this case, all team leaders of the affected by the change will be contacted. On his/her own interest, the team leader is obliged to enter and update the functional connection and the responsible person in the team registration on the Internet at the time of the tournament.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the propositions, in case of changes, those who are concerned will be informed.

Open Air Cup Dobruška

The Open Air Cup Dobruška tournament was created in 2014. The original plan was to prepare a tournament for friends and acquaintances from the floorball environment and welcome them to Dobruška, where a new outdoor multi-purpose field was built. Already in the first year, the tournament saw huge interest from teams from all over the Czech Republic, and every year the number of teams, participants and categories in the tournament increases.

Currently, the tournament ranks among the largest summer tournaments in the entire country. Over 270 teams in ten categories come to Dobruška to have fun, meet friends and enjoy floorball under the open sky.